Parish Wide Events

Please take note: 

Church Mailing Address is     Penn-Zion’s Lutheran Church Box 351  Harrison City, PA 15636

Any mail sent to 3417 Route 130, Harrison City will be returned to you.

Community members are invited to attend any of the activities listed in this website. 

Call the church for additional information 724-744-3151.


             WORSHIP NOTES


Penn-Zion’s and Brush Creek Lutheran Churches


Sunday, May 6th — Worship times

Penn Church     8:30 a.m.

Brush Creek     9:45 a.m.

Zion’s                11:00 a.m.

Note: Donuts before worship at Zion’s  10:15 a.m. first Sunday of each month

May 6, June 3, July 1, August 5.

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a few comments regarding our Cooperative Ministry with Brush Creek that is beginning now. This is a time that we should all feel proud and blessed that we are able to share Pastor with the folks at Brush Creek, allowing them the feeling of stability in their Christian life moving forward. This agreement was the result of hours of meeting, planning, and discussing the best course of actions for both Congregations. With that being said, I am sure we will encounter bumps in the road on our journey that will be addressed and resolved that will best serve our church’s needs. Lastly, please do not sit quietly with concerns you may have as we move forward. Please communicate to Pastor, myself, any church council members with opportunities to improve our life in the church. Lastly, as always, all members are invited to attend our council meetings to voice your thoughts and ideas. Dates, times and locations are always listed in the weekly bulletins.

Thank you,

Wayne Barton — Church Council President



Coffee & Conversation at Zion’s every Sunday,  at 10:15 a.m. in the Social Hall. Hosted by the Discipleship Ministry Team this is an opportunity to share in a good cup of coffee (or tea), conversation and fellowship. Any questions, please contact a member of the Discipleship Ministry Team.



May 8 –   Cleaning Day – at Zion’s is scheduled at 9:00 a.m. –  come help to clean or wash items in the church / social room that are done on a yearly basis. Lutheran Church Women will not have a monthly meeting this day, so please come and help. Lunch will be provided.   Men invited to join us.

May 17th  (Thursday)Join us at the Apple Hill Playhouse for this hilarious comedy “Social   Security” about a married couple who are art dealers.   Their domestic tranquility is shattered upon the arrival of the wife’s nerd of a sister, her uptight CPA husband and her Jewish mother.  The comedy sparks really begin to fly when the mother hits it off with the elderly minimalist artist who is the art dealers’ best client.     Play starts at 7:30 pm; cost is $15.00 (due by May 9th payable to Vicki Rudge 724-523-4768). Carpooling will be available for those interested.  Sign up sheet in the Narthex.

June 12   6:30 p.m.        Regular meeting at the church.  Program Janet Burton  

                                                Hostess – Jean Heasley / Barbara Thomas

July 10 – 6:00 p.m.           Picnic at home of Carolyn Petroski

                                                 (Janet Burton / Barbara Panigal helping Carolyn)

August   8th                          Meeting to be decided (All Day Bible Study to be discussed)

“The Art of Coloring” Adult Crafts – This group continues to meet the first Monday of each month: May 7, June 4, July 9 August 6, and September (date to be decided) at 9:30 a.m. at Zion’s. All ages invited.



Opportunities for Bible Studies with the pastor are Friday mornings beginning at 11:00 AM at Zion’s and Wednesday mornings at 10:00 AM at Brush Creek. All people who are available at these times are encouraged to attend to deepen one’s faith in Christ our Lord.



On Pentecost Sunday, May 20th, Cole Skoretz (Z), Sydney Shifko (Z), and Lindsay Grant (P) will be confirmed by affirming their baptism. Please join in celebrating the completion of their catechetical training as they further dedicate their lives to following the footsteps of Christ our Lord.  Through this rite, they are recognized as “adult” members of the congregation in which they will have all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities accorded to our members of the faith.  May God bless these three individuals in the use of their gifts and talents for the good of those around them and for the building up of God’s kingdom.



On Wednesday, June 21st at 7:00 PM, our worship service at Zion’s will include the Blessing of the Animals. Our pets are part of our family and creatures created by God.  This is a special service where we can give thanks for them.  Animals must be on leashes or in pet carriers.



On Sunday, June 10th we will recognize our High School and College Graduates at both Penn and Zion’s during worship.  Please contact the church office with names and graduation information so we may join you in celebrating your accomplishments.


The Penn-Trafford Ministerium will be hosting the annual Baccalaureate Service for graduating seniors and their families. All people are invited to join in this event on Wednesday, May 23rd at 7:00 PM in the high school auditorium.  Pastor Rich Phipps from the Community United Methodist Church will be the guest speaker.  



Registration brochures for the summer camping season are now available through the church office. Lutherlyn is one of our outdoor camping ministries where many people, children through adults, have grown closer in their relationship with God as they enjoy the beauty of the creation around them. Our Penn-Zion’s Lutheran Church will support our children and youth with $250.00/camper to help defray the registration fee for camp. Lutherlyn also has the policy that no child should miss going to camp because of cost. You are encouraged to speak with Pastor Steiner about registering your child or if you have any financial concerns. Lutherlyn is indeed a place for “Life Changing Adventures in Faith!



The library is located downstairs at Zion and new books are arriving throughout the month. There is no special checkout policy.  We have books of different genres and for children through adult readers.  As you prepare for your summer get-aways or backyard vacations, stop in and check it out.



The annual assembly of the Southwestern PA Synod will be held at Thiel College, June 14-16. Earl and Dianne Miller will be our congregational representatives along with Pastor Steiner; and Gwen Steiner will be attending as a visitor.  Please keep the assembly in prayer as it conducts the business of the synod and discusses important issues in the life of the church.




FRIDAY, JULY 27 – 7:05 p.m.

Thirty (30) tickets are available –   Tickets are in Cove Section 204 –come hungry, enjoy a game with one of the best values at PNC Park. Tickets are $30.00.  All tickets include unlimited peanuts, popcorn, and soda. The area also features a special concession menu with options priced at $5 and less. Sign-up sheets are available or call church office for additional information



The Penn-Trafford Community Concert Band, under the direction of our own Doug Skoretz, will be performing at several venues throughout the summer season. A few of our members and friends are actively involved and look forward to having members of our family of faith come out to hear them play.  Dates and times will be announced in Sunday bulletins, or you may contact Doug Skoretz.



Please remember to continue your regular offerings to our congregation even as you enjoy your times of Sabbath rest throughout the summer months. As we pray for your safety in travels and in camping, please remember YOUR church in your prayers and in your giving that YOUR church may pay its ongoing expenses. Thank you! And God bless!

Send your offerings to the church even if you are away.

Zion’s Lutheran Church— PO Box 351—Harrison City, PA 15636

(This is the official mailing address for the church. Do not use street address.)

Penn Lutheran Church — PO Box 338— Penn, PA 15675  


rightnowMEDIA Website – A ministry opportunity for all our homes! 

Members of Church Council recently received and reviewed an offer through the website called “rightnowMEDIA,” a Christian-based website offering over 15,000 videos, Bible Studies, and training conferences, for use in the home.   As Church Council went ahead and approved this “internal outreach” for our congregation, we hope that all members of our congregation will be able to benefit from this electronic capability to have Christian based educational and inspirational material in their homes. Parents will have full access to the site for helping their children grow in faith, as well as nourishing and strengthening their own spiritual lives. Categories include specific material for children, youth, young adults, men, women, marriage, leadership, Biblical study, inspirational videos, and more. Small groups may meet in homes to review and discuss together a seminar or Bible study. Grandparents can entertain their grandchildren while babysitting. Pastor Steiner will be able to tailor and encourage Biblical studies and leadership development in all of our congregation’s homes in a way to reach people whose lives have become overly involved, preventing them from being present with us; or focus on leadership development with specific individuals with the ability to receive and comment on your responses to study questions.

Signing up for access to the “rightnowMEDIA” website only requires your current email address be given to Pastor Steiner or LaVerne Mochnick. You will then be sent an invitation to open and fill out a short profile and set your own password on the website so that you can then have access at any time it is convenient for you and your household. Please make sure your server does not count this website invitation as spam. How is it being paid for? The congregation will be paying a monthly access fee for you to use this “freely” in your home. The good part is that we are locking this monthly fee into place; and if, as we hope, the congregation expands in membership, the fee will not go up. Pastor Steiner and members of Church Council are excited about this addition to our ministry and pray you will take advantage of this rich resource. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Steiner. You may send your email addresses to or to or text your email address to pastor’s cell phone 412-913-9391 in order to get started right away.


Luther’s Small Catechism

Copies of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism are available through the church office at a cost of $5.00/book. Plans are to study Luther’s Small Catechism throughout the coming year as we commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. More copies can be ordered if we run out. A free app through 1517 Media/Augsburg Fortress to download the Small Catechism on your phone or Ipad is available through the App Store