Mission Support


The leadership of the Penn-Zion’s Lutheran Parish gives thanks to God for the many ways in which people contribute to the mission life of our parish through time, talents, and treasure.  Your ongoing support is vital for the future mission and ministry of our parish, a legacy of over 100 years in ministry with the anticipation of 100 plus more years.

One way people support the church is through gifts and/or monetary donations as established in wills, trusts, or life insurance policies.  Our church council requests that if this type of support is your desire, please review your documents to make sure your donation is not overly restrictive or becomes an unnecessary burden for the church.  Too often congregations have been left with “items” (or money) they cannot use, give away, or transform into an asset which better serves the mission of the congregation, even though the intent may have originated at a historical time and need which has since passed.

As such, the parish council does appreciate such thoughtfulness and giving of gifts, but requests you honor the principle adopted by our leadership that gifts/donations to the parish become the property of the parish, and that decisions for their use be left as much as possible to the sole discretion of the congregation in conjunction with its leadership.  You are encouraged to speak confidentially with the Pastor about appropriate ways you may support the church through your legacy.

Thank you.