Pastor’s Corner

God’s grace be with you.

The story is told of a pastor who visited a parishioner who had not been in church for quite some time. When the visiting pastor was granted entry, he was immediately escorted to the parlor where a fire was burning in the fireplace to ward off the damp chill of the day. The pastor and parishioner sat across from each other in wingback chairs perfectly placed for visiting and catching the warmth from the fire.

Not a word had been spoken. Nor were any offered.

The pastor, observing one of the glowing coals near the edge of the fire, took the fire stoker and pushed the coal to the outer edge, away from the flames and other glowing coals.     The two sat silently watching the once glowing coal growing gray and cold as it died slowly, having been separated from its source of life and vitality.

After a significant period of time when the coal seemed to be gasping its last breath, the pastor reached out with the stoker and moved the dying coal back into the warmth of the fire. In silence, the two watched the same coal be reborn. Renewed, vibrant, glowing in the spirit once again, the coal came to life and produced the heat it was created to do.

Several minutes later, the pastor rose to go, and without a word, headed toward the door. As he crossed the threshold to leave, the only words spoken in an hour and a half were uttered: “Pastor, I will see you in church on Sunday morning.”

Those who have ears, let them hear.

Those who have a love for the Lord, but who lack time for the Lord due to too busy lives, let them hear. Imagine what happens to the fire when all the coals choose to set themselves apart.

Those who are concerned about the broken spirituality of family, friends, community, and nation experienced even as recently in our neighboring East Pittsburgh community, let them hear AND let them share.

May the blessings of God’s grace and peace rest upon our homes in these summer months.

Pastor Steiner





Pastor Steiner will be leaving Sunday, July 8th after worship to attend the Annual Training Seminar of the International Conference of Police Chaplains. The seminar is being held in Lexington Ky, July 9-13, where Pastor will earn 21 credit hours of training. He will be returning later in the evening on Friday, July 13th. While he is away, Pastor Clifton Suehr will be covering for him in emergencies (724-863-7350 / Church) or call LaVerne for additional information (724-744-3632 or 724-744-4243).